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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

An inspiration from baby's favorite toy

For many occasions, when baby Ren is drinking his mother's milk, he loves to play around with a pink spectacle box. He touches the texture of the box (grainy outside, smooth inside), opens and closes the box, turns it around. He seems never bored repeating the activities, and sometimes he will smile back as if he has found something interesting. 

What is so interesting about the spectacle box?

Baby Ren has not reached the stage when he can explain things, so we can only guess what is going on in his tiny yet growing head.  

By using his hands (as Austin Kleon has advocates), he focuses on his toy of a daily object. He is learning a little bit about the world through a spectacle box - a mundane object for me. Many times, we become familiarized with things (sometimes referred as habituation) that we have not succeeded to notice their beauty. If we can view things with fresh perspectives like babies do, perhaps we will experience more 'AHA' moments of ideas, inspirations and happiness.

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