Thursday, 24 July 2014

Be super present: a lesson I learned from Joi Ito's @TEDTalk on innovation

ServicefromHeart be super present

In the evening after attending an inspiring talk by Dr Stephen Turner, a physicist-turned-DNA sequencer, who highlighted that the toughest decision (that he has to make over and over again) is just keep going, I am blessed with an opportunity to learn from Joi Ito through his inspiring TED talk.

A self-declared 3x college dropout, Joi highlighted the following lessons:

1. Learning over education. By defining education as what people do to you versus learning as what you do for yourself, it is clear that  learning matters much more than education for your survival and pursuits in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

2. Meta learning is highly important. Learn how to learn.

3. Deploy or die. "You have to get it into the real world to have it actually count."

4. Be connected. Connect ideas, connect inter-disciplinary fields, bridge geographical and cultural boundaries. Connect yourself to the world, connect people and you will be able to innovate valuable things in the process.

5. Be super present. Your future depends on now.

Many thanks

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How to quickly share multiple files in Google Drive to your collaborators?

ServicefromHeart  quickly share multiple files in Google Drive to your collaborators

1. Go to
2. Select My Drive
3. Select All Ctrl+A
4. Click Share icon
5. Add collaborators' emails or change visibility to public or those with links

1. Create a folder
2. Right Click to change the Sharing options and each newly created item will have the same sharing permissions as the selected folder

Good Luck!

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