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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

3 mini stories to help us to be more patient

Patience is a virtue, the saying goes. It is very easy to say so but it can be challenging to practice patience mindfully in every single day of our lives. Sometimes, we have lost our patience and experienced frustration. Forgive ourselves and others. Time can heal and let time heals. Do not worry about the past. Focus on now, our present. Try our best to be more patient, especially for things that matter.

Stories can help us to improve our characters, relationships and life quality. We love stories. They are like simple shortcuts on keyboards to rapidly regain our higher level of consciousness, in moments of stress, challenges and crises. Stories are inspiring, they connect our minds and souls, and make our lives meaningful. Herein, please find 3 mini stories that can help us to be more patient. 

♥ In the early years of bamboo's life, bamboo tree seed appears disappointingly stagnant -- not growing no matter how much hard work and caring have been performed on it. Then after four years of patiently seeing no result, suddenly the bamboo tree shoots up to ~25 meters! Patience allows bamboo tree to build strong foundation in its early years of life, so that it can grow tall and strong in the outside world. Nature simply demonstrates the power of gentle patience through the story of bamboo.

♥ In my high school, the cover of one of the three school magazines always featured two farmers bending their backs planting paddy. The title of the magazine is 拾穗 "The Gleaners". While I was hoping that the editors would change the cover images with something different, the consistent cover had become a permanent beautiful reminder for me on the importance and beauty of patience. If farmers do not patiently plant paddies and collect grains, bending their backs over and over again under the hot sun, we will have no rice - our main staple food on our table. Thank you very much farmers! 

♥ A kind course mate of mine, Persuade Chiwinda from Harare, Zimbabwe shared her memoir of her beloved mother. Her writing has touched my heart and brought all the sweet memories of all my mothers. Besides my loving biological mother, I am blessed with a patient mother-in-law, encouraging Godmothers, and motherly teachers and mentors. Persuade's mother and all my mothers have greatly inspired me to: 
♡ Be there when our children reach their first milestones. 
♡ Encourage our children to smile and laugh more often. 
♡ Listen to all fears and worries of our children with gentle patience, endless empathy and caring love. 
Thank you very much mothers! I love you always from my deepest bottom of my heart ♡♡♡!

A meaningful happy life has its moments of darkness and sadness. 
Never make our most important decisions when we are in our low time or worst moods.
Wait with gentle patience and equanimity.
The storm will pass and the spring wil come! 

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