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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Drop Box of Unwanted Babies

When I heard about a documentary trailer entitled "The Drop Box", I thought it is about the Dropbox - a web-based file hosting service. 

"The Drop Box" turns to be a tremendous inspiration. 
A 3-minute-length documentary that tells a lifelong story of hope & love. 
It highlights the challenges of every mother.  
It emphasizes the rights of every baby to live and be loved. 

To quote Pastor Lee - nicknamed as a "lover of the unlovable", 
"Among faith, hope, love, 
the best is Love."

Pastor Lee Jong Rak of Jusarang Orphanage built the drop box to save unwanted babies from dying after being abandoned.
The baby box is lined with blankets and heated to keep baby warm. 
When a baby is placed in the box, an alarm alerts Pastor Lee or the orphanage voluntary members on the arrival of the baby, who will quickly build the baby inside.
This innovative process is critical for the survival of babies, especially during harsh winter. 
Having experiencing few days of a tough winter in Seoul, I greatly appreciate Pastor Lee's creativity.

Many babies left in the Drop Box were born with disabilities, a reason why they were unwanted and abandoned by their mothers living in a society that highly values physical perfection and reputation / face (面子).

The documentary was produced by Brian Ivie of Arbella Studios, that is based in Los Angeles, California. In a beautiful memorable summer, I have encountered many talented and kind people in California, I sincerely hope that one day I can visit there again.

The documentary won the 2013 Best of Festival at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and the 2013 Sanctity of Life award at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

To support the vision and legacy of Pastor Lee and his flock, you can kindly donate to Kindred Image (, a non-profit organization for this cause. 

Thank you very much! 

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