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Monday, 13 January 2014

Dayre, a diary mobile app

Dayre is a free mobile app that helps you to ...
♥ blog on your mobile device (both iOS & Android) 
♥ journal with words, photos, videos, stickers (emoticons), locations / check-ins

First launched on November 8th, 2013, the name Dayre sounds like Diary. 
All updates shared on the same day appear as parts of one post (for that particular Day of the year, e.g. Day 14), which is helpful for getting organized.

Throughout your day, you can share in little pieces. Dayre will then connect the dots into a daily, weekly and even monthly post format. 

My mobile phone AVG AntiVirus notifies that Dayre is considered as intrusive app, but I still install it. 

My first post to Dayre was a birthday cake treat from sweet and always smiling Bianca. Happy Birthday Dear!  

The first Dayre blog that I followed was thisenchantedpixie, I greatly love the beautiful work by this mother of three lovely daughters.

Dayre is similar to ... 
★ Tumblr in categorized posts,
★ Instagram in filtered photos,
★ Twitter in sharing characters but Dayre allows 500 chars (which is ~3.5 more than the former's 140 chars),
★ Line in enabling emoticon stickers

Dayre features that you can try ...
★ choose a category for your blog. My blog fits multiple categories (Food (Recipes), Photography(Blogs), Travel, Parenting, Individual Lifestyle, Geek), but if I can propose a new one, I would choose happiness. Since this option is not available, I choose Individual Lifestyle. 
★ share Your "My Day To" your facebook.
★ Apply on your photos any of these filters: Seared, Somnia, Matte, Colonial, Mono, Uno, Stark, Balmoral, Tender, Envy, Clarity. 
★Hashtag the words you want to tag and they will appear as clickable links that enable other Dayre users to discover your content and follow you.  

Some ideas of using Dayre that you may love:
♥ take (at least) a photo everyday
♥ write a poem everyday
♥ express daily gratitude 
♥ share a daily quote
♥ tell stories
♥ share a favorite recipe
♥ share an experiment in your kitchen / lab
♥ keep a travel log
♥ record your baby and children (they grow very fast!) 
♥ commit daily to any or few of these ideas

Features that I hope that Dayre will develop:
★ Post by email. Currently, Dayre only allows users to share updates from mobile phones. 
★  Tags added to Dayre posts are also clickable through an internet browser. Currently, the tags are only clickable within the app itself. 
★  Faster upload of photos and videos. Currently, Dayre does it slower than Instagram. 

Thank you for reading my little notes and app review ♥♥♥

My gratitude also goes to Timothy Tiah and Cheo Ming Shen, the founders of both Dayre and Nuffang, entrepreneurs who allow ordinary people like me to create and jot down our stories. 

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  1. Today (20140130), I learned about Storify (that appears similar to Dayre in several ways), from a course mate who shared her story:
    I found their slogan: "Don't get lost in the noise. Discover the voices worth sharing" is cool!

    Also, I have stopped using Dayre because I found it takes longer time to upload images than Instagram does on my mobile phone.