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Sunday, 2 March 2014

gratitude soup stock recipe 感恩高汤

Soup stock is not only tasty and nutritious to cook / boil soup, but also versatile to prepare other dishes, from stews, savory steamed rice, stir-fried / sauteed vegetables to noodle meals.

gratitude soup stock recipe by ServicefromHeart

I call this soup stock gratitude soup stock (感恩高汤) because it is supposed to contain rich nutrients from the sky, the land and the sea. We are grateful for all goodness that are bestowed to us.

♥ 2 kg bones (骨头) and meat (肉), washed & cut into pieces
♥ 200g dried mushroom (干香菇), washed, soaked, drained
♥ 120g red dates (红枣), pitted & soaked
♥ 5 honey dates (蜜枣), washed (optional)
♥ 50g dried scallops (干贝), soaked
♥ 2 tbsp anchovies, washed
♥ 5 cloves garlic (大蒜)
♥ 1/2 small knob (10g) ginger (姜)
♥ 1 tsp white pepper powder (白胡椒粉)
♥ 2 liters water (过滤水), filtered if possible

1. Blanch bones and meats in boiling water for ~5 minutes. Drain and wash. 
2. Boil 2 liters water in a big pot / slow cooker. Add all ingredients. Boil for a minimum of 5 hours using low heat.
3. Remove oil on the surface of the stock using a ladle (optional)*.
4. Sieve the stock from the ingredients. Pour stock into freezable containers**. Use some immediately, they are the freshest!
5. Store in a freezer after the stock cool down to room temperature.

* If you choose to keep the fat, it will float to the top layer in a refrigerator / freezer. An option is to use the fat for stir-frying.

Since I am going to store the soup stock, I am not using other ingredients that also make soups delicious, such as onion, green onion / spring onion / scallion, carrot, celery, pumpkin, sweet potato.

** I use Avent breast milk containers that fit into baby bottles warmer. The small cups are ideal for me because I am cooking in relatively small portions. Faster to thaw!

Alternatively to store stock in a freezer, Zhen suggests to use Zebra stainless steel tingkat / rantang / dabbas / safartas (tiffin carriers) that are commonly used as lunch boxes. You can reheat food in tiffin on the stove top or using an open flame.

Important note: Do not put your tiffin in a microwave because metal should not be microwaved.

♥ If you like salty taste in your soup, add salt only at later stage of boiling soup so that nutrients can dissolve in the soup faster at early stage.


♥ While boiling soup or soup stock, do not keep opening the cover of pot. This is to ensure that heat, fragrance and aroma stay and circulate well in the pot.


♥ While boiling soup or soup stock, do not add room-temperature water. This is to prevent the nutrients (e.g. proteins) of the meat from solidifying.


♥ Consume also the edible ingredients used for boiling soup. This is because not all nutrients of the ingredients will be dissolved completely in the soup regardless of the hours of boiling soups.

♥ Use frozen soup stock by 1 week to ensure freshness.


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