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Friday, 7 February 2014

A visit to dentist

Mom used to bring me to see a dentist for a regular check-up when I was a kid. Thank you very much mama 妈妈! When I was afraid of the procedures (think of molar teeth extraction!), I would imagine flying to beautiful destinations while lying on the reclining chair. My favorite one includes imagining the beautiful grassy hill with little lambs, toy-like wooden huts, colorful rainbows, singing birds, running children and snow-capped mountains at the background. Perhaps, I got the inspiration from beautiful images of calendars. Thanks to these imaginations, I endured the procedures. Sometimes, I feel that human imagination can help us overcome many challenges in life. Mom was proud of me for being a nice patient. I appeared fearless of dentists, though honestly I had some fear. It is okay.

Now, a mother to baby Ren, in the near future, I will bring him for a dental check-up. I hope he will be more fearless than me. Watching his toothless, gummy grin transforms into big smiles of cute little teeth is like a farmer adoring her growing sprouts nurtured with love. Sometimes, he bites Daddy!

In February 2014, I visited a dentist at Q&M Sun Plaza.
Dentist: Dr Ho Ann Gie
Address: 30 Sembawang Drive Sun Plaza #02-28
Singapore 757713
Tel : +65 67532339

Dr Ho is gentle and patient. I would be happy to bring Ren to see him when his teeth needs check-up.

Scaling and polishing with Passion card costs me SGD $68 and a small filling costs SGD $55. The amount excludes $10 sterilization fee and 7% GST.

3 Tips for visiting a dentist (applicable for our children and ourselves):
Imagination matters. Play and imagine roles of dentist and patient at home, using props such as toothbrushes, flash lights, mirror and small cups to practice rinsing and spitting. Read and listen to encouraging children stories about dentist or dental check-up. Love our teeth. Smile to ourselves every morning and every night, this exercise helps us to appreciate our teeth (and ourselves). Let children count their teeth, this is a simple and fun maths exercise.

Make an appointment early. Select early time slot. Dentist is fresh and alert. We do not have to wait for long time in the event that the patient from the earlier time slot needs longer treatment time.

Prepare a list of questions, if any. Bring identity card and cards that can allow us to enjoy discounts e.g. Passion card. Do not hesitate to pre-inform our budget, especially if we are in tight financial situation; allow ourselves to be aware of available options (including relatively lower cost ones).

Finally, an important reminder (for me):
Not to brush my teeth too hard because the action brushes away my teeth. Be gentle.  

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